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MSc Advanced Maintenance Engineering programme.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new MSc Advanced Maintenance Engineering programme.

 The programme consists of four taught modules: 

  • Research in Practice – an opportunity for students to develop their Masters level writing and research skills by carrying out a piece of work relevant to their subject of interest or background
  • Maintenance Strategy – an introduction to the strategies that are in use in a variety of industries and the considerations that underpin the development of an effective maintenance strategy
  • Condition Monitoring and Condition Based Maintenance – an introduction to the technologies involved in using CBM, the financial and organisational barriers to using CBM and how these might be overcome
  •  Asset Management – An introduction to the processes, methodologies and tools that can be used to optimise and enhance the operation of an asset throughout its life.  

Each student will also complete a major project or dissertation which can be grounded in the students’ employment where appropriate.  

More details can be found at

 The proposed cost is £6800 full time, for full time students (one year) and part time students (2 years) would be charged at an approximately equivalent rate.

 If you would like any further information please contact Dr David Baglee, programme leader:

Condition Based Maintenance

This new two day course, suitable for senior managers, engineers, technicians and anyone who plays an active role in asset management and machinery health care, can significantly help you to understand and then start to apply the latest best practice strategies for asset health. In addition to learning what needs to be put in place to deliver optimal asset care, this course sets out the fundamentals of integrated Maintenance Management and Condition Based Maintenance and will provide practical proven steps, backed up with real world examples of how to deploy and hence improve operations.
Set against a background of alignment with the business strategy, modern maintenance management is more about delivering value than simply preventing failure and instigating repairs. The optimised route, as discussed in this course, shows how the reliability of the asset base can improved.

The course consists of three modules over two days:
Day 1
Maintenance Management
Any adjustment to the organisation and performance of maintenance that is done in isolation, and not aligned to the business strategy or not embedded in to the culture of the organisation, will likely fail in its intended outcomes. Day one sets out the case for maintenance optimisation.

  1. The business case
  2. Regulation and other forces
  3. Application of criticality and reliability in maintenance planning
  4. How CM fits into the management process
  5. Training and other relevant ISO Standards for CM and CBM

Day 2
CM Techniques
Avoidance of unnecessary tasks requires knowledge of condition in order to make a robust risk based engineering decisions. CM techniques are many and varies and likely to expand. This session will give a headline understanding and demonstrate where these techniques can be best deployed

  1. Vibration Analysis
  2. Fuel and Lub. Oil Analysis
  3. Infra Red Thermography
  4. Performance Monitoring
  5. Diagnostics and Prognostics

The Future: Big Data and the Internet of Things
We are facing a third revolution in that the interconnected world is here now and challenging us all to make better use of the emerging capabilities. Large asset rich organisations will find they have a literal deluge of new data to consider. We will look at the risks and opportunities this presents and place it in context of our own workplace scenarios so we can make a long range plan for further optimisation.

£600 per person on the 2 day course.
Course Venue: AMAP, The Industry Centre, 1 Colima Ave, Sunderland, SR5 3XB
Maximum of 12 delegates per training course so you can be sure of high levels trainer support as well as making for stimulating discussions of real world examples. Very competitive training rates, and discount available if you book multiple courses.

We can also bespoke and tailor these courses to specific company requirements for groups of 6 or more, upon request, and can deliver these on your site if required.
Contact AMAP on 0191 515 3888 or for bookings or information. Booking also available via the University of Sunderland online store.