Welcome to the North East Maintenance Forum

In today’s economic climate, there is an increasing emphasis and need to reduce the cost of manufacturing through increased efficiency tools and techniques. Advanced Maintenance is seen as a discipline which has the potential to reduce manufacturing costs, improve equipment reliability and availability and increase product quality.

The North East Maintenance Forum (NEMF) aims to become the UK’s premier forum for maintenance debate and networking, supporting north east companies to develop innovative solutions and strategies for maintenance.

The aim of the North East Maintenance Forum is:

  • To research and share approaches to good maintenance management and to promote and initiate maintenance techniques and processes to reduce operating costs and energy consumption
  • To provide direction in the development of  a maintenance strategy, from maintenance management, condition based maintenance and training programme development
  • To initiate and share the results of scientific and practical work in the maintenance field to all within the forum

The benefits of membership include access to a network of companies within Europe to exchange innovative ideas and maintenance practices, promotion of your business via the NEMF website and priority invitations to attend regular networking events with inspiring talks from industry leaders.

NEMF are pleased to support InCoME 2016 – the 1st International Conference on Maintenance Engineering.